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Hydraulic swabbing truck being connected to well head


Our team is some of the best and most qualified within the Well-Servicing & Optimization field. With 60+ years of combined experience amongst our management team, we can confidently guarantee that the Synergy family is well-trained and committed to quality without compromising efficiency. 

Established in 2010, Synergy hit the market with state-of-the-art combo mast units. Throughout the years we have grown, evolved and adapted to meet our client's needs. Synergy Well Servicing leads the pack in south-central Alberta, providing optimization, diaform braided, slickline and hydraulic swabbing services. 



Alberta-manufactured, high quality, plunger lift equipment. Local and strong. We are one of the founding and operating partners of Plunger Lift Technologies (PLT). We're proud to offer a complete line of plunger lift systems. 


We are able to supply and install the following equipment and more:


  • Controllers, sensors & solar panels

  • Well-head lubricators

  • Plungers

  • Bottom Hole Spring Assemblies

  • Full-system & routine maintenance inspections

Plunger lift production optimization
Plunger lift lubricator, well head, surface equipment
Bottom hole spring, production optimization with check valve
Mast Units

Tridem with 52' mast. Unit makes 75% road bans.


Tandem with 48' mast.



The foundation of Synergy's services. We offer both tandem and tridem hydraulic swabbing units which enable our crews to accommodate client needs throughout any season. These combo units are versatile and do not require a picker truck for set up or operation, minimizing foot print and allowing for a quick and safe rig-in / rig-out.


  • 7/32 diaform cable with 5020 lbs. working load

  • Can be utilized in up to 2% H₂S

  • 12,000 lbs. mast rating 

  • 5,000 lbs. B.O.P's

  • Slant-well compatible

  • Line wise digital depth and tension devices

  • Pack off design up to 5 mpa

  • Enviro head to minimize over spray mess

  • Blind boxes

  • Running & pulling tools

  • Rare earth magnets

  • Hydraulic jars

  • Tubing broaches

  • Tubing brushes

  • Impression blocks

  • Wax knives

  • Swab mandrels & cups

  • Fishing tools 

  • Bailers



Hydraulic Swabbing Unit
Tandem Hydraulic Swabbing Truck


With over 60 years of experience, it's no surprise that Synergy management learned the ropes of production enhancement on slickline operations. We decided to add slickline options to our fleet to compliment our existing presence in central Alberta. 


  • 0.125" plow & 0.108" stainless on split drum

  • 80' knuckle picker

  • Stainless can work in up to 20% H₂S

  • Working pressure up to 5,000 psi

  • Gauge rings

  • Blind boxes

  • Running & pulling tools

  • Rare earth magnets

  • Hydraulic jars

  • Tubing broaches

  • Tubing brushes

  • Impression blocks

  • Stroke bailers

  • Wax knives

  • Swab mandrels & cups

  • Fishing tools

  • B.O.P's

  • All common plugs

  • Gradients

  • Recorders

  • Tubing cutters



Slickline truck for downhole servicing
Slickline and lubricator with a picker truck

Pressure truck services now available throughout Central Alberta. Click to read more.


Photo 2021-11-06, 11 57 35 AM.jpg


  • Batching programs

  • Methanol tank fills

  • Hydrate solutions

  • Facility pressure work

  • Well start-ups

  • Pipeline batching

  • Pipeline testing



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